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Walk-in's are welcomed and will be taken care of on a first come first served basis depending on artist availability. If you prefer to reserve your tattoo time in advance please come by the studio with a deposit.

To book an appointment with an artist you must first pay a deposit. Appointments must be made in person unless you live more than 2 hours away from the studio.  Clients traveling to us may book an appointment via phone or email after their artist receives a deposit via mail.  Client's receiving bigger tattoos will be given multiple appointment dates spaced out for monthly or bi-monthly appointments depending on the size of your tattoo.

CASH ONLY deposits are required to book an appointment. Deposits range from $100-$200 depending on the artist and the amount of sessions it will take to complete your tattoo. Your deposit is a down payment for your tattoo and will be deducted from the cost of your your final session upon completion of your tattoo. You will not have access to your deposit prior to your final session under ANY circumstances, even if you forget to bring enough money to pay for your appointment. If your tattoo is incomplete, your deposit is inaccessible. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE no matter the circumstances, and NON-TRANSFERABLE to another person, or design if you change your mind about getting tattooed. Deposits expire 1 year from the date paid, so DO NOT WAIT to book your appointment. All clients are required to read & sign the Sacred Soul Tattoo "Deposit Policy Contract" when paying a deposit. Once signed, you agree to follow the below policies in order to protect yourself from losing your deposit and wasting your artist's time. Violation of the below policies result in automatic forfeit your deposit and you will be required to pay another deposit in order to make or keep any future appointments. 

It is your responsibility to make contact with your artist if you are going to be late for your appointment. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late to your appointment without notifying your artist ahead of time, you will be considered a no-call no-show resulting in the immediate loss of your appointment and deposit.

(1)     A one week notice is mandatory to cancel your appointment without any penalty to your deposit. Your artist's time is very limited and valuable, please respect this by allowing him/her 
enough time to fill your spot as 24-48 hrs is not enough time to fill the cancellation.

(2)     Canceling your consultation will result in your artist postponing your 1st session to a later date in order to complete your consultation at least 1 week prior to your appointment and therefore allowing your artist enough time to complete your design.  

(3)     Canceling 2 appointments in a row (regardless of giving a 1 week notice) will result in the immediate loss of your deposit and all scheduled future appointments will be erased from the appointment book and offered to other clients without any notice. A new deposit will be required in order to schedule with your artist again.

(4)     You must make real contact with your artist in order to cancel an appointment or consultation. This means you must speak directly with your artist via phone, facebook, email,  face to face etc. The studio voice mail is only checked a few times per week so please do not cancel via voicemail as you could risk losing your deposit. If your artist is unaware of your cancellation it's on you. It is your responsibility to make contact with us.  


As soon as you sign the waiver the day of your appointment you agree to pay your artist for the time spent on your tattoo. The studio minimum for a tattoo is $100 + tax, the hourly rate is $150-$175 per hour + tax depending on the artist you select for your tattoo. Failure to pay your artist is considered theft according to WA state law and will be prosecuted as such. 

A design created by your artist is property of your artist, therefore, design approval is forbidden via text message, email, messenger, etc. Taking a design to another studio without paying your artist for the drawing is considered theft and will result in prosecution to the fullest extent. You will be given the opportunity to approve your design in person with your artist upon arrival to your first tattoo session, NOT prior to it. Your deposit allows 1 rework of the design if you are unhappy with the imagery created by your artist. If your rework request for changes requires a completely new design with new subject matter (i.e. a new concept) you will be required to pay a new deposit for the new design your artist will have to create.     

(1)     When you come to the studio to pay your deposit and schedule an appointment, please bring any and all reference photos/materials you would like to discuss with your artist. You will either meet directly with the artist you've selected or with the shop manager/assistant/apprentice. (Please note:  Michelle Haley is the only SST artist requiring her prospect clients to fill out an "Appointment Request Form" at the studio as she is unavailable to speak to clients in person or via phone when she is tattooing. The shop manager/assistant/apprentice is responsible for her consultations and so will speak to her on your behalf.)
(2)     During the 24 hours prior to your 1st session, your artist will finalize your design.
(3)     You will view your finalized design with your artist the day of your 1st session. Sometimes an artist may need their client to be present in order to finish the details so expect some draw time with your artist before he/she can put the stencil on your skin. 

(4)     If you approve your design without needing any changes, your artist will get  started tattooing you right away.
(5)     If you are unsatisfied with your design you can request your artist to make changes. If these changes will take longer than 30-45 mins to complete your artist will use  your 1st session as a collaborative drawing day with you. This means your artist won't actually begin the tattoo now until your 2nd session.



How old do I have to be to get a tattoo in WA state?
According to WA state law you MUST be 18 years of age to get tattooed in WA state by any artist. Wether in a licensed studio or in your friends house, it is illegal for anyone to tattoo a minor. Not only will the person applying the tattoo be in trouble, but so will your parents. Also, if a tattoo artist is willing to break the law to tattoo a minor then they probably aren't following the sanitation laws either.

But what if my parents are willing to sign for me since I'm a minor?

This is still illegal. Idaho is the closest state allowing minors to get tattooed with guardian permission.

Do I  need an appointment to get tattooed or do you assist walk-ins?
Appointments are always preferred to give adequate time to the design process, however we do take walk-ins based on artist availability. It's always best to call ahead of time as some days the artists may be booked and unable to assist walk-in clients. Walk-ins are taken on a first come first served basis. Any large projects such as sleeves, back pieces etc, will have to be scheduled due to the time it takes to design the best possible tattoo design we can for that body part.

What is the difference between a custom shop and a street shop?
A street shop caters more to walk-in clientele as they have pre-made designs on the wall, called "flash art", readily available the client to choose a design to be tattooed immediately. A custom shop does not have any "flash art" or pre-made designs available. The artist will draw you up a unique original design unlike anyone else's to be tattooed on you. Sacred Soul Tattoo does not have any flash available and we do not duplicate tattoos, we strive to give every client a one of a kind design.

How do I choose the right tattoo studio?
RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! Ask your friends & family for referrals, look up studios online, and study the artwork in the portfolios. You want to make sure the studio is licensed by both the city and the state. Make sure the studio provides sterile tattoo services. If the studio doesn't use all disposable you may ask to see the autoclave and ask about their sterilization process. GO TO THE STUDIO! Do not call around or price shop. Make sure the studio is extremely clean, smells clean, has friendly nice artists who actually care about your tattoo and your tattoo experience, AND the studio should have portfolios filled with high quality completed tattoos for you to review. Sadly, there is no way to regulate review sites and so people can say whatever they want without any consequences even if they have never had an experience at the studio, so making a decision based solely on reviews is not advised.  

My friend tattoos out of his/her house and says they will do it cheaper!
Your friend is what us pros refer to as a "kitchen magician", a "tattoo hack". NEVER GET TATTOOED AT A RESIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE TO CONTAIN THE ENVIRONMENT WITHIN A RESIDENCE TO PROVIDE A STERILE TATTOO ENVIRONMENT NO MATTER WHAT THE ARTIST MAY SAY, they only want your money and are obviously not responsible enough to be hired and work at a reputable studio. Science has proven the presence of a microscopic off-spray that gets on things in the area where the tattoo is being done. Couches, wooden tables, etc., for example, have porous surfaces and therefore are unable to be sterilized. Gross! It's not worth risking your health. Your friend more than likely lacks true Blood Born Pathogen training or certification in sterile procedures. You friend also more than likely underwent a proper apprenticeship.  This all increases your chances of getting a nasty, poorly done, and infected tattoo... or worse HIV, AIDs, HepC, MRSA or some other incurable deadly disease. No amount of money is worth damaging your health so DO NOT price shop... invest in a good tattoo applied by a good artist in a reputable studio.

Is your studio licensed by the state?
YES! In addition to the studio license, each artist at SST is licensed by WA state with our master licenses, city of Renton licenses, shop licenses, and artist licenses.  Each SST artist is also Blood Borne Pathogens Certified. We follow all WA state body art laws, and go above and beyond the state standards. We are also randomly inspected by the WA State Department of Licensing, and King County Health Department and have passed inspection every time.

How do you provide a sterile tattoo procedure?
All of our needles are single use only. Each needle arrives blister packed and sterilized from the manufacturer with an expiration date. After a needle is opened and used on a client it gets disposed of in a sharps container to be properly disposed of. We mostly use single use, disposable grips. Like the needles, each grip arrives bliser packed and sterilized from the manufacturer with an expiration date. They are disposed of at the end of the session.  If an artist needs to used a stainless steel grip, we would then utilize our 3 stage sterilization process. At the end of the session the grip goes into a soaking tray where the enzymes in the soap break down the bio-matter on the soiled tube. It's then thoroughly scrubbed with special brushes under hot water until clean. Next it goes into an ultrasonic cleaner with Alconox detergent to breakdown any hidden ink or bio matter that may have been missed. After 18 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner it's then rinsed under hot water, dried off, and placed into a sterilization pouch with indicators before being put into our steam autoclave.  Our autoclave has an indicator on it to let us know if the cycle was successfully completed resulting in sterilization or alert us if something went wrong so we have the opportunity to re-run the autoclave. Finally, we keep an autoclave log and stamp the sterilized pouch with the sterilization date.  We also clean our autoclave and spore test it monthly. Our spore testing process is in-house being done in our very own studio so we can assure the quickest action if a test fails rather than waiting 1-2 weeks for an outside company to alert us of our results.  We have passed all spore tests done since our doors opened in 2006. We also set up our stations wearing gloves, and wrap all equipment (ie. tattoo chair, bottles, clip cords, metal trays, etc) with barrier film to make sure we keep our area clean. When done tattooing we use a hospital grade cleaner, such as Cavacide, to clean and sterilize all surfaces. This cleaner kills all bacterial, viral, and fungal microorganisms such as AIDS, HIV, Hep A, B, C, MRSA, etc. All of our artists are required to be tested for MRSA upon working here to ensure your health and safety. 

Which artist should I choose?

Look through each artist's portfolio and take note of the quality of their tattoos, and their specialized style. For example, if you want a portrait, you want to choose the artist with well executed portraits in their portfolio. Look for an artist who has a portfolio which displays tattoos done in the style you are desiring. An artist who specializes in traditional tattoo work may not be the best artist to do a photo realistic portrait. Ask a lot of questions too. Ask the artist what kind of tattoo work they like or enjoy the best, and what kind of art most influences them.  A good artist with good morals will point you in the right direction. We have a moral obligation to recommend the best artist for the tattoo you desire and so we will refer you to an artist within the studio or an artist within another studio who can do the best job for you if you are unable to choose an artist.

What does the custom tattoo design process consist of?
It takes time to create a good custom tattoo. Your artist will draw inspiration for your design from many resources such as books, internet, art history, and their creative mind. Most of the time we've already imagined a design as we listen to you describe your idea. Part of customizing your tattoo is making sure your tattoo fit and flows correctly on your body.

What happens at my consultation?
You will be able to sit down face to face with your artist to discuss your tattoo design by brainstorming and looking at reference pictures. Your artist may trace out the body part where the tattoo is going so he/she can take flow into consideration while designing your tattoo. If you are getting a cover up your old tattoo will be traced at this time and a photo taken so the artist can reference it while drawing your design. Your artist will take notes on your preferences, and sometimes quickly sketch out some ideas. ***IF YOU HAVE BOOKED WITH MICHELLE, HER APPRENTICE HANDLES HER CONSULTATIONS AS HER TIME AT THE SHOP IS BOOKED TATTOOING HER CLIENTS***

How much will my tattoo be?
Every shop has a shop minimum for small tattoos. This is for tattoos that take 45 mins or less to complete. Our studio minimum is  $100 + tax. Every SST artist charges an hourly rate of $150 + tax per hour. We charge by the hour and use a timer to make sure you only pay for actual needle-to-skin time. The price of your tattoo will depend on how long it takes to complete. Small to some medium tattoos can be done in one session. Large tattoo and full body parts like sleeves, etc, take many sessions to complete. The average time for a sleeve is 6 months to 1 year depending on how long and how often you sit in the chair. The number of sessions needed to complete your tattoo will depend on the design, the placement, the artist and your skin. Unfortunately, we can not quote tattoos over the internet or phone and we can not quote for each other. Because every SST artist tattoos at a different speed the price can vary between artists. It's best to come in so we can properly quote you.

How long will I have to wait to start my tattoo?
Each artist's availability is different. Some artist's have availability for walk-in's between appointments, while other artists book by appointment only. One artist may be booked out days, while others may be booked weeks, months, or even year(s). Each SST artist is responsible for booking their own clients so contact the shop and ask to speak with your artist to determine the estimated wait time.

How can I best prepare for my tattoo?
Make sure you get a full 8 hours of sleep the night before and drink plenty of water. You want to be well rested and hydrated to make the tattoo process go well for you. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and anything containing niacin in it 24 hours prior to getting tattooed. You will want to eat a larger meal 1-2 hours prior to getting tattooed to avoid feeling lightheaded when getting tattooed. Also, bring candy or some juice in case you start to feel dizzy or light headed when getting tattooed. This happens when you experience a decrease in blood sugar levels during the tattoo process because your body is reacting to the pain via surges of adrenaline.

What can I expect on the day of my tattoo appointment?

Your first day can be pretty long as you and your artist have to finalize your design, make and print the stencil, get all the line-work done and (if this is a tattoo that can be done in one session) shading. Don't make plans or rush your tattoo artist. Bring a book, iPad, etc. for down time or if you need a distraction while getting tattooed. Bring a pillow, food, music or anything you need to be more comfortable. 

Does it hurt to get tattooed? What does it feel like?
Yep, getting tattooed does hurt. But it is more of an annoying pain tolerable to most clients. It's not a slicing sensation but rather a sharp hot sensation. it will feel like a tender or bruised, and swollen sun burn for 24-48 hrs post tattoo.

Can I take a pain pill or consume alcohol before getting tattooed to relax?
No. Consuming alcohol or taking pills of any kind can thin the blood and make it hard for the artist to do the best job possible. This can also lead to excessive scabbing during the healing process. It is illegal for us to tattoo someone who is under the influence. Also, any and all prescriptions MUST be disclosed to your artist to make sure your prescription will not have an adverse effect on your tattoo. 

Can I have an allergic reaction?
Although not common, allergic reactions can happen. We only use organic inks and most of the other products we use on the skin are all natural or vegan. We ask each client about allergies before we begin the tattoo. It is important to be honest with your artist so they can use a different product if needed in order to avoid a reaction.

How should I take care of my new tattoo while it heals?
Each SST artist recommends their own aftercare method. Your artist will give you an aftercare sheet with instructions. The 3 aftercare methods recommended at SST are dry healing, wet healing, or film healing with Surefilm or Saniderm. Your artist will advise you on which method he/she wants you to use. If you are allergic to adhesives you use the film bandage  so please let your artist know in order to avoid a reaction.

What can I expect to see during the healing process?
Swelling, bruising, slight redness, and hot to the touch for 48 hours post tattoo. Your tattoo will leak plasma during this time as your body try's to form a scab. Controlling your plasma controls how much your tattoo will scab. Most tattoos will develop super thin scabs that flake off like a sunburn. Tattoos that cause more trauma to the skin like color work, can result in heavier scabbing. If your tattoo looks abnormal during the healing process or if you have questions about the healing of your tattoo call the studio at (425) 923-4772. 

How can I protect the longevity and life of my new tattoo?

Try your best to avoid excessive sun exposure. Your immune system responds to the tattoo ink. Your liver will naturally break down your tattoo's appearance as you age as your body detoxes and rids itself of the tattoo ink. Sun exposure has been proven to speed up this process.