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Sacred Soul Tattoo​


To book an appointment please first select your artist. View the portfolios below to see each artist's style. Once you've selected the artist you wish to work with email them DIRECTLY to inquire about a free consultation and availability.

Our hourly rate is $150 - $200 per hour + tax depending on the artist.

Visit us on Instagram to see more examples of each artist's work. 

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    Specializing in high detail color, and black & grey realism, portraits, cover-ups, freehand, and watercolor tattoo technique. If you do not 

    want to wait for Michelle's books to open, Iso and Michelle have very similar styles, & he is here to help assist with her overflow

    clientele. Iso is a master of free hand cover ups, & he's a faster tattoo artist.

​    www.instagram.com/jsrealink


    Specializing in color, and black & grey illustrative, traditional, neo-traditional, & abstract tattoo technique. Colin is a master of any and

    all video game fandom, & nerdy tattoo subject matter. 

​    www.facebook.com/colinboom



     Specializing in high detail, bold, & colorful illustrative, new school, neo-traditional, Japanese, traditional, & Graffiti tattoo technique.

     Aaron enjoys large scale Neo-traditional, and Japanese projects, & is a master of the crispiest, cleanest line work, & custom lettering.

​      mr.perks.tattoo@gmail.com

  PASHA KONSTANTINOV (Featured Guest Artist Fall/Winter 2023) 
    Specializing in large scale, high detail & contrast, black & grey realism tattoo technique. Pasha is a phenomenal artist

    visiting from LA. He has limited availability so don't hesitate to secure your appointment to get the tattoo of your dreams from this

    incredible artist. Pasha is fast and can cover a large area in a session.

​    www.instagram.com/pasha.konstantinov


    Specializing in color, and black & grey hyper-realism, watercolor, illustrative, & abstract tattoo technique. Michelle enjoys

    adding unique stylized cosmic space elements too all of her tattoos. Michelle's books only open a few times a year and she     

    tattoos specific subject matter. If you don't want to wait for her books to open please see Iso's portfolio below as he can accommodate

    much sooner & specializes in the same tattoo style.

​    www.facebook.com/michellehaleyart


    TikTok: @michellehaleyart

View Michelle Haley's Portfolio HERE!