Specializing in color and black & grey geometric, mandala, hyper-realism, new school, watercolor, & custom lettering tattoo technique.       Every mandala created by Steven is custom, one-of-a-kind, and never duplicated to ensure originality and authenticity. Steven's                     beautiful lettering is also 100% custom & freehanded for ultimate placement and flow. See his portfolio on Facebook for examples of         his lettering. 
    See more of Steven's tattoos on Facebook HERE!

    Specializing in color and black & grey traditional, neo-traditional, abstract/illustrative, lettering, & watercolor tattoo technique, as well as     tattoos of any and all nerdy subject matter.
    See more of Colin's tattoos on Facebook HERE!


Every Sacred Soul artist tattoos at different speeds... this means we can't quote for each other. Please view the portfolios below to see each artist's style and preferred subject matter. Once you've selected your artist please come by the studio for a free consultation and cost estimate. If you have a budget in mind discuss it with your artist upfront so she/he can prepare a design to fit your budget. We can keep it simple or get extremely detailed with your design, it's your choice.

Please call (425) 923-4772 to inquire about your artist's soonest availability. 

Visit the Sacred Soul Tattoo Facebook page for more examples of each artist's work! 

View Michelle Haley's Portfolio HERE!

"Top 10 BEST Tattoo Studio's in Washington State"

  KELSEY BLAKE   (Michelle's Apprentice)

    Kelsey is the apprentice at Sacred Soul Tattoo learning the art of tattoo under her mentor, Sacred Soul Tattoo owner, Michelle Haley. Kelsey's goal is to             specialize in black & grey photo-realism, and portraiture tattoo technique. Kelsey is currently offering 25 tattoos for an incredibly low supply fee in order to       practice simple and basic tattoos. She will be charging only $50 per hour + tax during this phase of her apprenticeship.                                                                  

    If you're interested in reserving one of the few remaining spots please email,, or call

    (425) 923-4772. All projects must be pre-approved by Michelle.
    Follow Kelsey's progress on Facebook HERE!

Sacred Soul Tattoo​

    Specializing in color and black & grey portraiture, photo-realism, hyper-realism, Polynesian, & watercolor tattoo technique.
    See more of Chris's tattoos on Facebook HERE!

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